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مرحباً يا عالم 😉

Get up and running with payment service for all of your projects.

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Create integration with our Thawani Checkout thats enhance your developers experience and reduce the integration time.

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Full documentation

a new expeirnce to integrate with our payment system with full documentation with code samples

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Support any coding language

We support any kind of languages that you are using.

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ادفع مقابل ما تستخدمه فقط

No additional or hidden fees.


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إنشاء رابط دفع

generate a payment link to allow the user pay you smoothly

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عرض جميع المعاملات

Unlike cash transactions, you can monitor ALL your transactions with Thawani, seamlessly.

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Create a token for users

Enables you to make the checkout procedure faster and skip the card details entry in the second time of the user payment.

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الدعم الفني

الرسوم والعمولات

Monthly Fees Waived
Annual Maintenance Waived
Minimum Balance Charges Waived
Integration Fees Depends on the integration requirements
العمولة حسب المعاملة As per the merchant agreement