Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Merchant FAQ

  • Yes, the merchant and customer should have Thawani account to do transactions.

  • We provide you less rate charge, no monthly rental, installation, and maintenance fees. Pay only for what you sell.

  • The standard rates are per transaction 1.5% for local cards and 2 % for international cards.

  • After the customer pays, money will go to Thawani account. After 2-3 working days money will be in your account.

  • It is a service that allows your users to pay you from your website or/and mobile application with their bank debit/credit card without the need to download Thawani App.

  • First you have to register with Thawani, after registration, will give you the integration documents and your developer who designed your website or application should complete the integration.

  • Using eCommerce will not require them to download Thawani App to pay for you.

  • If you encounter a platform that Thawani is not providing any the plugin for, contact us with the necessary details and we will get back to you.

  • To implement Thawani eCommerce, you will need a developer.

  • - Prepare a valid JSON request as per the integration documentation.
    - Send request to the proper endpoint server that is mentioned in the integration documentation.
    - Redirecting user to provided payment link upon successful generation of the link.
    - Updating Merchant invoices and/or payment system.
    - Check periodically/once for changes on payment status.

  • - Return back the payment link to the merchant.
    - Process user’s card payment or in-app payment.
    - Send OTP to the user’s mobile number linked with his bank card.
    - Send payment result response to the merchant.
    - Send Wayyak request to Thawani user based on the merchant’s request.
    - Once the integration is completed, a test entry will be made. We will print the receipt for checking and verification – to be signed by the merchant before sending the production API and public key. – to be signed be the merchant before sending the production API and public key.

  • You can visit our developer website ( If more support is required, then you can open a integration support ticket and you will get our technical assistance.

Users FAQ

Users FAQ

  • No fees required from user.

  • Please visit Thawani website or Thawani social media accounts or just click on NEAR ME in the APP.

  • You have to close your account and delete your cards, then register using a new mobile number

  • Mobile banking allows you to manage your bank account and transfer money, Thawani allows you to do full payment transactions.

  • Thawani is PCI DSS compliant solution.

  • If the App is still connected with Oman sim number, then yes you can. If the App is still connected with Oman SIM number, then yes you can.

  • Yes

  • The user should call his card issuer bank to register his number to OmanNet.

  • You’ll receive a notification from Thawani, or you can login to your transactions history. Merchant can also confirm that the payment was received, using the merchant application.

  • Yes, you can, after you complete the transaction with your merchant, you can add that merchant in favorites.

  • Fingerprint and face ID are available now as well as the password.

  • You can raise a dispute transaction from the transaction history, you will be notified with an SMS and email on the dispute raised.

  • For security reasons this is not possible.

  • Yes, the merchant and customer should have Thawani account to be able to do transactions.

+Mojab Card FAQ

+Mojab Card FAQ

  • It is a prepaid card that is linked with the user Mojab wallet to expand the user experience.

    • The card is safe and secur, as it does not include any sensitive information.
    • Order your Mojab prepaid Card from Thawani App and it will be delivered at your doorstep.
    • Withdraw cash by using any ATM machines
    • Use Mojab Prepaid Card everywhere and anywhere you are.
    • Click on Mojab icon on the home page
    • Click on 'Request Mojab card'
    • Enter your personal information
    • Add your location
    • Track your card
    • Visit the nearest BankDhofar ATMs.
    • Click on 'activate Mojab' in Thawani App.
    • You will receive OTP.
    • Insert your Mojab Card and enter the OTP you have received.
    • Click on 'creat new PIN'.
    • Your card is ready to use everywhere.
    • Click on Mojab icon on the Home page.
    • Click on 'Track Mojab card'
    • Click on Mojab icon on the home page
    • Click on 'view card details'
    • Confirm your identity using Face ID or Finger print
    • View your card details