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Pay Differently and WIN prizes with Thawani

Be one of the 10 winners & get the chance to win prizes up to

500 OMR

from Thawani by spending more at welfare markets using Welfare Wallet in Thawani App. Also you can pay via Thawani App in Oman oil station, pay your Bills, mobile top-up, Thawani merchants and/or donate for charities.

Best Thawani in Welfare Markets

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How to use Thawani

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Paying in Oman oil stations

  • Open Thawani App and click on “Settings”, then choose “linked IDs”
  • then link your vehicle plate number
    At Oman oil stations, you have two different, simple ways to pay,
    either by providing the number of your vehicle plate to the filling station attendant
    or by providing him with your phone number that is registered in Thawani App.
  • click on “Pay” and the payment will be done simply in seconds.
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Paying your bills via Thawani Pay

  • Open Thawani App, click on “Explore” at the bottom of the screen
  • then you will find the bills box where you can pay all your bills
    like (Water, electricity, Mobile top-up, PASI, internet, school/college fees)
  • Your bills’ accounts can be saved for future payments
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Paying to Thawani merchants and charities

  • QR code
    Open Thawani App, then click on “QR code” at the bottom of the screen and scan the merchants QR code to complete the payment.
  • Barq
    Open Thawani App, and click on “Barq” at the bottom of the screen. Show the barcode to the merchant to scan it and your payment is done.
  • Merchants List
    Search for merchants who accept payments through Thawani by clicking on “Explore” at the bottom of the screen, in which you will find all merchants registered in Thawani App.
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