Unlimited entertainment options with Thawani gift cards.

Thawani app offers a range of different digital gift cards for shopping, gaming, and entertainment. The app allows you to purchase a selection of cards and send them to friends and loved ones. Experience the joy of buying gift cards.

Gift Cards Features

Send gift cards to your family and friends

You can easily send gift cards to your family and friends through SMS, social media, and email.

Personalize it by adding a message

Add a personalized message when sharing the gift cards to your family and loved ones.

Cards with competitive prices

Buy gift cards through Thawani app and enjoy the competitive prices.

The possibility of repurchasing gift cards

Easy to repurchase entertainment gift cards through Thawani app.

How to Videos

How can I buy Gift Card from Thawani App?

How can I send gift card to my friends from Thawani App?

User support

Gift Cards FAQ

How can I buy gift cards from the app?

Go to the app Homepage, click on “Gift cards “and

then click on “+”   
Select the card you wish to buy, then choose the
payment method before clicking on “Buy”.

How can I repurchase the gift card?

View the card you recently bought, then click on

“Buy again”.

How can I send gift cards to my friends?

Go to Homepage, click on “Gift cards”, view the card

and click on “Send as a gift”.