Thawani Payment Link, a convenient solution for receiving payments.

Offer a convenient payment solution for your customers via Thawani Payment Link. You can send the Payment Links through the Tajer App, and your customers can access it from anywhere in the world and complete payment using global payment methods such as Visa and MasterCard.

Payment link Features

Generate Payment Links

Set-up the payment link in seconds; enter order information, generate the link in Tajer App, and send it to your customers anywhere in the world.

Share your Payment Link

Send your payment link from Tajer App to your customers via email or any social media platform.

Payment bills are saved automatically

All your bill information is saved automatically in the Merchant Portal, where you can easily track payments.

Merchant support

Payment Link FAQ

The Payment Link is a feature introduced by Thawani to its registered merchants in Merchant Portal. It allows them to generate a payment link, send it to customers, and receive payments after the customer enters their bank card details. Note: Customers are not required to register in Thawani to complete payment.
The Payment Link is valid for 24hrs only.