International money transfers are a click away with Thawani.

International transfers through Thawani are simple and secure. The App allows you to transfer money and choose the method of receiving transferred funds. It enables transfer to 8 international countries: UAE, Egypt, India, Pakistan, Philippines, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka.

International Transfers Features

Simple & Secure Money Transfers

Thawani offers simple international transfers from anywhere at any time.

Save Beneficiary Data for Future Transactions

Once you enter international beneficiary details, they are saved automatically in the App to speed up future transactions.

Currency Conversion

You can convert the currency easily by choosing the country from the list of countries applicable for international transfers in the App.

Competitive Fees of International Transfers

Thawani offers competitive prices for international transfers. You can know the amounts received in your chosen currency before completing the transaction.

Track Status & Data of Your Transaction

You can easily track details & transfer numbers of the international transfers transaction made in the App.

How to Videos

How can I transfer money internationally through Thawani App?

How can I add beneficiary for international bank transfer?

User support

International Transfers FAQ

What countries are open for international transfers through Thawani?

UAE, Egypt, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia

How can I make an international transfer through Thawani App?

From the homepage in Thawani, choose “International Transfers”
● click on “Register here” or “+” sign
● Finally, enter all required info and complete the transfer.

How can I add a new beneficiary for international bank transfers?

From the Thawani homepage, click “International Transfers”
● Click on “Lets add a beneficiary” and choose the country.
● Click on “Bank transfer”
● Then enter beneficiary details, and the transfer code (IFSC/SWIFT)
● Review the details before clicking on “Transfer”

● Click on “Send” icon to share it with the beneficiary

How can I add a new beneficiary to receive the bank transfer in cash?

● From the Homepage of the app, click on “International Transfers”
● Click on Lets add a beneficiary and choose the country
● Click on “Cash pickup”
● Choose the country, then add the beneficiary details 
● Review the details before clicking on “Transfer” 
● Click on “confirm “and export the transaction receipt with the beneficiary.

How can I edit the beneficiary information?

● From the Thawani homepage, click “International Transfers”
● Then click the three points icon beside the name of the beneficiary to display the option of “View and Edit”
● Click “Edit” to edit information and then save changes.

How can I know the currency fee?

● From the Thawani homepage, click “International Transfer”
● Click the currency exchange icon to display a list of countries with the exchange rates.

How can I track my transaction?

● From the Thawani homepage, scroll down to view the list of your recent  ttransactions.
● Click “View all” to view all transactions.
● You can filter transactions and view them according to their status.

What is the IFSC Code and SWIFT CODE?

IFSC AND SWIFT CODE are international transfer codes that identify banks worldwide. It consists of a series of numbers or letters or alphabet letters.A SWIFT CODE is an identification code consisting of 8 or 11 digits and refers to the bank branch. The code is used in transferring international funds.The (IFSC) code, known as the Indian Financial System Code, consists of 11 letters and numbers and is used in transferring international funds online.

How do I find my country’s specific transfer code (SWIFT/ IFSC) ?

You can find the transfer code of your country either (SWIFT code or IFSC) by searching for it online by entering the name of the bank, region, and branch. You can also find this information by clicking on “?” the question mark while adding the bank info in Thawani App.