Track sales & simplify services for your clients.

Manage your business anywhere and anytime in a one-spot portal. Merchant portal provides the sales-related data you need to better manage and track your business and monitor live sales.

Merchant Portal Features

High-efficient & simple management

Managing your business online brings many benefits and facilities, such as monitoring sales and online payments, detailed reporting, and providing comprehensive statistics.

Receive sales reports

All data related to sales in all branches are documented on your dashboard. You can access detailed reports on sales at any time.

Track sales in all branches from one spot

Monitor and track your sales in all branches from your dashboard in the Merchant Portal.

Add new branches

Expand your business and add unlimited branches to your account in the Merchant Portal.

Provide multiple online payment options

Create an exceptional shopping experience for your customer by presenting multiple payment options that are easy and secure. Payment options include Payment link, Lamsa, Payment Gateway, QR code and Wayyak.

Secure Payments

Payment options available in the Merchant Portal are built with the highest security standards, presenting a smooth and secure payment experience.

Merchant support