Thawani Pay: The easiest, smartest, and most secure way to manage your finances

Thawani Pay is the easiest, smartest, and most secure way to manage your finances anywhere, at any time. You can pay all your bills at once (water, electricity, internet, mobile top up, students’ fees and PASI) and pay for registered merchants. You can also top up and transfer money to other users and even non-Thawani ones securely and easily. Thawani app offers you various options of purchasable gift cards (gaming, entertainments, education, shopping, and App store) which you can also share with friends and family. Through the app, you have the chance to donate to charitable organizations, insure your motor and send money to countries outside Oman. You can activate Mojab Wallet and order Mojab Prepaid smart card through Thawani App and have it delivered to your doorstep. Explore Thawani App today and enjoy the payment experience.

Thawani Pay App Features

Bill payment

Through the app you can pay your bills such as water, internet, electricity, tuition fees, top up services and many more.

Activate Mojab wallet and order Mojab card

Activate Mojab wallet with simple steps and order Mojab card which will get delivered to your doorstep for free.

Money Transfers to Thawani and non-Thawani users

You can transfer money from your Mojab wallet to other Thawani users using mobile number, as well as to non- Thawani users through other local bank accounts.

Over-counter payments

Pay by simply scanning the merchant’s QR code or Barq, or by searching the name of the merchant.

Donations to Charity Organizations

You can donate to the registered charity organizations with Thawani.

Unlimited entertainment options with Thawani gift cards

You can buy a selection of e-gift cards available in Thawani app.

Send money back home

You can easily send money outside Oman with competitive rates.

Insure your motor via Thawani App

You can buy insurance and insure your motor in a few simple steps.

How to Videos

How to register in Thawani App?

How to add bank Cards in Thawani App?

User support

Thawani Pay App FAQ

What if I changed my mobile number?
You have to close your account and delete your cards, then register using a new mobile number
Is it save to register my banking details in Thawani App?
Thawani is a PCI DSS complaint solution
What if I paid wrongly to a merchant?

You can raise a dispute transaction from the transaction
history, you will be notified with an SMS and email on the
updates of the dispute raised.

Can I log into my account in more than one device at the same time

That is not possible due to security reasons.

Are there any monthly or annual fees on using Thawani App?

No, there are no fees on using Thawani App