Thawani Eidiya Card, extended happy moments

The Eidiya Card from Thawani is a smart, secure, and innovative card that enables kids to receive their Eidiya from friends and family and is linked to one of the parents’ Mojab Wallet. Eidiya amount can be transferred easily by scanning the kids’ card or searching for the parent’s name in your contact list in the App.

* Only available in the holiday season of Eid

Eidiya Card Features

Innovative Card

Eidiya Card is a smart digital product facilitating the distribution of Eidiya at any time and place.

Secure Card for children

The Card is children-safe and does not include any of their details.

Linked to a Digital Wallet in the App

The Eidiya Card is linked to a digital wallet in Thawani App, which can be managed by a parent.

Parent follow-up

One of the parents can manage transactions made by the Card, such as receiving Eidiya, spending the money, and purchasing.

Transfer money from the Eidiya Card

Use the amount of Eidiya in the Card by transferring it to a Mojab Card linked to one of the parents or a bank account through Thawani App.

How to Videos

How to order Eidiya card form Thawani App ?

How to link Eidiya card with Mojab wallet

How to send Eidiya for kids remotely

How to transfer Eidiya to any bank account

How to send Eidiya by scanning the QR code

How to add your spouse to Eidiya card?

User support

Eidiya FAQ

How to order Eidiya Card?

From the App homepage, click on "More" Click on "Eidiya" Click on “Buy Eidiya Card” Select the number of Eidiya cards you would like to buy Set the location and the delivery address Review your delivery information Click on Pay Your request has been received!

How to activate Mojab wallet?

To activate Mojab wallet, watch the video below:

From the App homepage, click on "More" Click on "Eidiya" Click on Link\View card Activate the kid's card Scan the QR code on the kid’s card Name the kid’s card Click on "Next" The card has been linked successfully

How to send Eidya by scanning the Eidya QR code

From the App homepage, click on "More" Click on "Eidiya" Click on Scan Card Scan the QR code on Eidya card Select the amount of Eidya Eidya has been sent successfully

How to send Eidya remotely?

From the App homepage, click on "More" Click on "Eidiya" Select the name of you relative or friend from your contact list Enter the amount Click on "Send" The Eidya has been sent along with the message

How to add a spouse?

From the App homepage, click on "More" Click on "Eidiya" Click on “Link Eidiya” Click on “Let’s do it” Scan the kids’ code Name the kid’s card Link a spouse Select a spouse from your contact list You linked your spouse successfully